We are a new kind of digital partner

UGrow is a digital agency that provides an end to end digital solution to your business. We help our clients convert from a brick and mortar or conventional way of doing business to digital based distribution channel. Our team consist of highly motivated individual that have the same vision in helping our customer to grow their business and by reaching their customer in the digital world. Our services begin with digital branding which align with the business overall strategic plan, we create access to new customer from our unique Artificial intelligence based leads which convert to effective sales, we also help our customer turn their front end or sales processes into a totally digital based processes.

❝ Partner with us and see how your digital future changed ❞


The impact of the pandemic and the global warming have shaken up our world from it’s core. The utilization of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence have changed the way companies interact with it’s customer. We strongly believe that technology is ecologically friendly and can improve human life and keep our planet cleaner. We owe it to our next generation to keep our earth a better place to live.


The new normal require our customers to be able to reach their customers through digital based distribution. Our company assist in delayering the unnecessary medium to reach their customers faster and expanding their reach by leveraging on social media.

CEO Quote's

❝ Digital branding is not just about putting content and banner and posting your ads in social media rather it encompasses changing your fundamental strategic plan to align with the digital world. Once you obtain attention from your audience, you engaged with them before converting to become customer. I can not over emphasized the importance of your digital footprint as it becomes your true identity in this digital world. "Partner with us and see how your digital future changed ❞.
Steffani Beatrix Lule

UGrow Team


Steffani Beatrix Lule

Chief Executive Officer

Muhammad Sabri

Muhammad Sabri

Chief Operating Officer

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Satria Pratama Putera

Project Manager


Kukuh Dian Prasetyo

Socmed Manager


Kenza Febrilia

Head of Finance


Ria Amelia Nur

Sales Manager

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Caroline Thalia

Head of HRGA

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Taufik Hidayat

Senior Creative Officer

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Graphic Designer


Ardian Dio

Graphic Designer

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Priscilla Margaret Pandeiroot

Executive Assistant

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Performance Officer



Full Stack Developer


Tiopan Habinsaran

Social Media Specialist


Farhan Iskandarsyah

Digital Marketing Strategist